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Safety Tips:

Below is a few precautions to help you buy, sell, rent and share on LAVCAM in Safety.

  • Be especially vigilant with regard to sellers and buyers who contact you from far away.

  • Check-up on the product or service and if possible on those who propose the ad.

  • Do not provide personal information and do not share your banking information by e-mail or by phone.

  • Make sure the payment method is safe, if possible prefer cash payment, while reassuring you that they are not counterfeit money .

  • Prefer meetings to take any contact in public places or near the police agency.

  • LAVCAM is a site of free classifieds and local, in no way an online Shop.

  • Tell LAVCAM attempted fraud, e-mails or suspicious ads, and any other similar activity conducted via LAVCAM.

  • Before you go to an appointment, make sure the seriousness of those who contact you.

  • Notify your friends and give the information about the person you'll meet (name, address, telephone number).

  • Business that seem too good to be true, are often.

  • An offer at a very low price is not necessarily synonymous of fraud, but you must be vigilant.

  • If you accept payment by check, call the issuing bank to ensure its validity.

  • Some forms of payment such as PayPal or credit cards, can protect you from certain fraud.

  • LAVCAM aims is in principle to promote local transactions only. If you buy or sell a ad, the transaction should be carried out by yourself and     at a place determined by the two parties. This way you can minimize the risk of fraud.

  • If a transaction goes wrong, we also advise you to complain to the Regional Service of Judicial Police in your town, National Police or the     national Gendarmerie.